Social Media, Content Marketing & Digital PR

Digital PR

The Web allows the markets to reclaim their original nature: a space where companies can meet people and create profitable relationships. For this reason, we attribute the highest value to Digital PR, creating targeted opportunities to increase awareness of the company, with the participation of people and digital influencers.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not easy to choose the most effective social networks for your business goals and then turn them into precious allies. We are specialised in social networks – and we like them – so we are able to respond with an original, targeted marketing plan spanning several channels. We analyse and develop a specific strategic plan involving various social media, and we provide concrete, measurable results.

Digital Marketing Plan

Our job implies, first of all, defining the company’s goals and identifying precisely the habits and demands of the market target. Then, we respond in a timely way expectations of our clients and their followers. In this way, we can establish a functional marketing strategy that is sustainable by the resources that the company designates. This strategy includes the most suitable digital tools and the development of the editorial plan.


Media Web Communication & PR
Social Advertising Campaign

We have consolidated professional experience in planning and managing advertising campaigns on several social media sites. We focus on writing effective posts and profiling followers to find the right line of communication for the target identified.

Digital Marketing & Communication Courses

We are able to share our expertise in digital communication with clients who want to learn how to use these tools to get the most out of Internet communication and reap the benefits in terms of business and relationships. This helps our clients grow and develop digitally. We hold courses in digital communication and  marketing,personalised to meet different needs of content and available budget. We can organise:

  • Courses at the client’s offices
  • Courses at our offices
  • Temporary on-the-job training with our internal staff
Corporate Blogging

Keeping an effective corporate blog draws the reader towards the heart of the company.
Each channel has its language: in this case, well-written articles in an informal tone are most appealing to readers, and they allow the more social side of the company to emerge, which makes corporate communication more effective in its complexity. We handle the creation and management of corporate blogs, and we pay special attention to the choice and drafting of content to guarantee pleasant reading material that can capture the reader’s interest. We offer quality content that is compliant with Google’s search engines, optimised for optimal positioning of the website and SEO.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing creates familiarity, trust and empathy with people. To succeed at this, it has to be unmistakable, credible and inspiring. We help companies form valuable relationships through the creation and care of content, blending tastes, formats and the most effective platforms.

Content Curation

The Internet is a dense jungle of information. We know it well, because our passion and curiosity guide us to discover and select sources and news to create content that is in line with corporate values on the company’s digital channels. Our goal is to support every company that we work with so that they can become a believable source and reference point for their readers and clients.

Blogger Outreach

Among the Digital PR activities that we offer, this service focuses on analysing and seeking out influencers and opinion leaders that are right for creating useful relationships between companies and their customers. The next step is to contact bloggers that have something in common with the company and try to establish a relationship of mutual trust. Once the relationship has been formed, we measure the value (reach, engagement, etc.) of the blogger’s contribution, relaunching and sharing it in the client’s online accounts.

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